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Flexible, clean, inexpensive
solar thermal power

Introducing the FOCUS 250

The FOCUS 250 represents an innovative solar parabolic dish concentrator design capable of delivering an abundance of clean, inexpensive thermal energy for a wide range of applications.

Highly Efficient Solar Thermal Energy Technology

Utilizing both an innovative optical design and dual-axis tracking, the FOCUS 250 maximizes solar energy capture year-round. As a thermal concentrator, the full spectrum of solar irradiance is taken advantage of, and losses resulting from conversion into electricity are avoided. The result is a system delivering extremely high conversion of available solar irradiance into thermal energy - far higher than competing technologies.

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Designed from inception for minimum cost

The FOCUS 250 has been designed from the ground up to minimize the Levelized Cost of Heat (LCOH) over the lifetime of the system. Built from environmentally resilient low-cost metal components, the FOCUS 250 is manufactured using proven techniques borrowed from the aerospace and automotive industries. Mast-mounted, the FOCUS 250 is highly land-efficient per unit of energy generated. Installation and calibration are streamlined, as the FOCUS 250 requires limited land preparation and utilizes an auto-calibration process. The FOCUS 250 is designed to operate autonomously in the field, under remote supervision and with minimal maintenance requirements.

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Diverse applications

With 50% of global energy consumption in the form of heat, the market for thermal energy is vast. The FOCUS 250 provides a clean, inexpensive source of thermal energy for a wide range of applications, including industrial process heat, space heating and cooling, hot water, water desalination and purification, and remote and distributed power applications.

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