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About Solarflux

FOCUS Concentrator Unit
Assembling a FOCUS Concentrator Unit

About Us

Solarflux was founded in 2019 by a team dedicated to developing innovative technologies to help sustainably meet the growing energy demands of modern human civilization. The Solarflux team believes that parabolic dish concentrators offer unique potential to bring clean, inexpensive energy to a wide range of underserved market segments, particularly in regions of the world with an abundance of direct sunlight. By better harnessing the power of our most abundant resource - the Sun - we can more sustainably meet our growing energy needs. Sol omnibus lucet - the sun shines upon us all.

Assembling a FOCUS Concentrator Unit

Solarflux’s parabolic dish concentrator technology is the product of extensive research, experimentation, design iteration, and field testing, which continues to this day.

Assembling a FOCUS Concentrator Unit

Our Technology

The FOCUS, our flagship product, represents a significant step forward for parabolic dish concentrator technology. A novel optical design yields unparalleled energy conversion efficiency, while overall system cost has been minimized through the use of low-cost materials, a structurally efficient design optimized for manufacturing at scale, minimal land use requirements, streamlined installation, and low maintenance requirements. The result is a solution that delivers an abundance of clean, inexpensive thermal energy.

Assembling a FOCUS Concentrator Unit

Solarflux has partnered with Penn State University and Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, to field test the FOCUS and to conduct research on applications for the concentrator. Solarflux holds several patents in connection with key elements of the FOCUS concentrator design.

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