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Solarflux FOCUS parabolic dish concentrator demonstrates 72% solar-to-thermal conversion efficiency

Annual energy yield from the FOCUS solar concentrator significantly above that of alternative solar energy systems

Solarflux Energy Technologies, Inc. (Solarflux) has announced the results of an independent report reviewing performance test results for the Solarflux FOCUS parabolic dish concentrator, demonstrating solar-to-thermal conversion efficiency of 72%. That is, the tests show that 72% of the solar energy arriving at the FOCUS is converted into usable heat.

This solar-to-thermal conversion efficiency is comparable to best-in-class solar-to-thermal conversion performance from alternative concentrating solar power (CSP) systems such as parabolic trough. However, unlike alternative CSP technologies, the FOCUS is a full two-axis tracking device. As such, it maintains perfect alignment with the sun from sunrise to sunset at all latitudes, thereby delivering maximum conversion efficiency throughout the day, and year-round. As a result, the annual energy yield from the FOCUS is significantly above that of alternative solar energy systems, outperforming parabolic trough by up to 50% or more, depending on the system’s peak capacity and site location.

Prepared by Lehigh University’s Energy Research Center, the report independently reviews testing of solar-to-thermal conversion efficiency in close accordance with the methods outlined in the ASTM 905-87 industry standard relating to solar concentrators.

The FOCUS offers a low-cost, low-maintenance, zero-emission, modular thermal energy solution for a variety of use cases, including industrial process heat, water desalination and purification, space heating and cooling, hot water, and remote power generation.

Solarflux was founded in 2019 by a team dedicated to developing innovative technologies to help sustainably meet the growing energy demands of modern human civilization. The Solarflux team believes that parabolic dish concentrators offer unique potential to bring clean, inexpensive energy to a wide range of underserved market segments, particularly in regions of the world with an abundance of direct sunlight. Solarflux is backed by the Met-Ed Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania and private investors.

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